Business Process

The working steps of leading the guest:

First, lead the guests in the market;

Second, come back and sort out the data;

Third, confirm the order information and bar code information with customers, urge the front money;

Fourth, confirm the consignee, notifier etc with the customers;

Fifth, someone can lower the export data if possible

Sixth, export integration, give the order list to purchaser, get to know the purchasing profit of each order.

Seventh, arrange the cabinets after confirming the time of delivery with purchaser;

Eighth, remind the purchaser of expediting and delivery time after booking space;

Ninth, send the inspection data and picture to the guests for confirmation after entering warehouse;

Tenth, all the goods are ready for loading, export sales staffs ensure the loading sequence.

Eleventh, purchaser make the delivery list, export sales staff collate and send it to document clerk.

Twelfth, export sales staff sends verify copy INVOICE/PL/CO to the customers for confirmation;

Thirteenth, urge the payment;

Fourteenth, release the order application;

Fifteenth, prepare the billing data;

Sixteenth, provide after-sale service after the guests receiving the goods.

The work steps of procurement:

First, received the order, account the price;

Second, make the order / produce bar code;

Third, urge warehouse entry;

Fourth, after ensuring the delivery date, notice the export sales staff to arrange cabinet;

Fifth, order information feedback;

Sixth, daily inspection, check the quality of samples brought back by colleagues and do picture processing. The examine information is collated into EXCEL form. The pictures are collated into corresponding code / box / color / size of each item. Four images are needed to export sales staff at least, then to the guests to confirm.

Seventh, loading supervision

Eighth, make shipping list after the loading container, check and complete the purchase contract,then send to the document clerk;

Ninth, transfer billing information and urge the invoices

Tenth, payment approval

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