Guided by the principle of customer first, we provide good-quality, reliable, quantitative service wholeheartedly for every foreign customer.

Value-added services within the business scope are as follows: If you order more than ten cabinets in our company a year, the first cabinet is free of commission in the second year. If more than 20 cabinets, two cabinets are free, and so on. In addition, we will provide the invitation letter for customers purchasing in China.

Additional value-added services: we can provide customers with free airport shuttle; book the hotel in advance; provide free translation services, and help customers with ticket booking.

ShiYu - founded in 2012, when the company's founder traveled Africa, he found that these countries development lags behind. With insufficient power, they completely relied on the original ecological lighting technology. Then he considered selling lighting tools in local named "ShiYu", intended to implement and act quickly. After three years of experience, the brand is popular in the Africa. Its characteristics are simple design, rich color, cheap price and stable quality.

Eime - founded in 2010, its sales philosophy is down-to-earth and happy life. It follows the simple, colorful and innovative design inspiration. It provides affordable, good-quality and comfortable office and home furnishing products for consumers. At Eime, you can restore the innocence and find forgotten simple happiness. It represents the new consumer awareness, as well as the pure love of life.

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